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作者: Christian    時間: 28-12-2008 16:53     標題: RITCHEY~Road Saddle


The Ritchey road saddle line, called Streem, conjures up images of flowing smoothly through water effortlessly. A good saddle compliments your pedaling style to produce beautiful round circles and the Streem series brings this benefit to users. Our product managers in Switzerland challenged themselves to create a road saddle that was light but comfortable while climbing and descending the local hills. 35% carbon content in the base shell provides a durable carriage combined with the patented “wing” design for anchoring the seat rails, is like having a mini shock absorber built in and along for the ride.

( 重有 Mountian Bike Saddle 款)


作者: Tinsum18    時間: 3-1-2009 01:48


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