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標題: E-Lux Sierra Sport Review - $2k Folding Fat Tire Ebike [打印本頁]

作者: Christian    時間: 14-9-2019 00:42     標題: E-Lux Sierra Sport Review - $2k Folding Fat Tire Ebike The E-Lux Sierra Sport is a folding fat tire electric bike with paint-matched aluminum alloy fenders, the bike is available in many beautiful colors and comes with a rear rack, integrated backlight, and a front suspension fork. Full sized USB type A charging ports on the display panel and battery pack allow you to charge or maintain portable electronics while riding or stopping, 48v battery offers great power and efficiency. Thanks to welded supports and cast alloy wheels, the frame feels stiffer and sturdy, 4” fat tires, an extra thick Selle Royal saddle, and locking ergonomic grips smooth out the ride, wide 5-30psi range on the tires for many terrain types. Folding joint is near where knees rotate when pedaling, no retention system included to keep the bike from unfolding, very basic 7-speed drivetrain with large thumb shifters vs. triggers.

E-Lux Sierra Sport Review - $2k Folding FatTire Ebike

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